JFK II Bush Family Connection (2003)

Amazing how involved George Bush Sr. was involved with the Bay of Pigs fiasco because of his CIA involvement. We all know that Kennedy was killed for his threats against the hidden government but I never knew of Bush's links. Film also goes into the original founder of the Bush Crime Family, Prescott and his profiteering activities financing the Nazi regime.  Gender: DocumentaryQuality: GoodLanguage: English  DOWNLOAD/DESCARGARhttp://www.filefactory.com/file/b42ffc5/n/JFKII_-_Th2_B5sh_C4nn2ct34n_flv_001http://hotfile.com/dl/81312596/1a126d6/JFKII_-_Th2_B5sh_C4nn2ct34n.flv.002.html